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Descriptions of the reptiles that can be found in Mauritius

The pages for the reptiles of Mauritius are designed give an overview which includes scientific and local names and to provide a brief description and show images of the reptiles.

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FAQ: Homepage

Are the grey pinky brown lizards that I see in my house at night Mauritian?

These lizards that you see at night, but also sometimes in the day are one of the introduced geckos that are not a Mauritian species. However, when one of the endemic day geckos are unhappy or cold they can also turn brown, but on careful inspection you will see that they do not have any claws and have red spots on their bodies.

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What is your favourite Round Island reptile?

Round Island boa (353)

Bojer's skink (208)

Round Island night gecko (193)

Telfair’s skink (185)

Günther's gecko (197)

Total votes: 1136