Endemic snake

There is only one remaining endemic snake in Mauritius. This truly is a unique animal, as it possesses two hinges in its jaw to firmly grip it’s predominantly skink prey, an adaptation that is unlike any other vertebrate on the planet.

Keel-scaled boa Casarea dussumieri

This boa is now restricted to Round Island, but it was once found throughout Mauritius and many of the offshore islands. It is a harmless and medium sized snake with a total length of approximately 110cm. The colour of an individual can vary from pale greyish brown to dark brown to brownish green, which can vary depending on its mood. Patterns can vary, but they usually have light cream spots along the back. The juveniles are a bright orange in colour. Nobody knows where they like to lay their eggs, because none have ever been found in the wild, although they are likely to be deposited deep within rocky crevices or under rock piles.