The Endemic Reptiles

An endemic reptile of Mauritius means that it is only found in Mauritius and not found naturally anywhere else in the world. Currently, there are twelve described and extant (living) endemic reptile species, which includes five species of day gecko, three species of night gecko, three species of skink and one endemic snake. However, recent work has shown there are at least seven species of day gecko and at least six forms of skink, which are currently being described.

The Native Reptiles

A native reptile of Mauritius means that it is naturally found in Mauritius, but is also naturally found in other countries around the world. There is currently only one native terrestrial reptile, but there are three marine reptiles that are also native to Mauritius.

The Introduced Reptiles

An introduced reptile is also known as being non-native or exotic, as it has been introduced either accidentally or purposefully from another country and is not part of the natural fauna of Mauritius. There are at least 15 introduced reptile species currently established in Mauritius, although two of these species only occur in managed semi wild populations.

The Extinct Reptiles

An extinct reptile of Mauritius belongs to an endemic species that no longer exists, but because it was only found in Mauritius it no longer occurs anywhere else on the planet and is lost forever. There are at least five extinct reptiles of Mauritius that are known from historical accounts and fossil records.