How you can help

It may sound obvious, but protecting our environment protects the plants and animals within it and of course it protects us. There are ways that we can help to protect the environment in our everyday lives and you can also contribute to the conservation of species within your environment.



 Protect the environment

Littering is a great problem to our health and the environment. It is unsightly to see, harmful to plants and animals and can encourage vermin. Discarded cord or fishing line can strangle birds, fish and reptiles. Plastic bags can suffocate animals on land and in the sea. Insects, reptiles and other small animals can fall into empty bottles, cups and tins then perish as they are unable to climb out. These are just a few examples why we must be sure to dispose of rubbish responsilbly.


The lighting of open fires can cause widespread damage to plants, animals, people and their homes. Before you have a barbeque in a public area, check that you are permitted to do so. To reduce damage it is best to use a mobile barbeque unit and dispose of your burnt charcoal responsibly.


Most parks or public areas worldwide have signs advising what you are allowed to do, but remember that in some places, such as nature reserves, you may not be allowed to take any food.

Volunteer or work in conservation

There are opportunities all over the world to volunteer or work in conservation, whether you wish to persue a career, gain experience, or just to offer help. Some students finishing their college or university course may wish to volunteer to gain skills and experience required for future postions. Often students take a gap year prior to starting college or university, which can be a great way to decide which path they may wish to take or to travel somewhere that they may not have had the chance to visit. Volunteering can also be for anyone, people that have retired may wish to spend some of their spare time assisting a conservation organisation. There is something for everyone, however much time you can give, just browse the internet for organisations and current vaccancies.

Make a donation to a conservation charity

To make a donation to a conservation charity, contact them directly via their website. Mauritius Reptiles is an information portal and we cannot accept donations, however we can suggest organisations that will be able to accept donations to help in the future conservation for the unique reptiles of Mauritius.

If you do wish to make a donation specifically for the conservation of reptiles in Mauritius, please see the links below.


Thank for for your interest and your support.